Banded Shoulder mobility

This is a great little warm up routine for your shoulders using a band to increase range and mobility getting them ready for exercise. 

Dowel shoulder mobility

Once you've warmed your shoulders up using a band then progressing on to a dowel or stick is a great way to increase your range of movement.

It helps keep the shoulders flexible and works on your wrist, forearm, chest and shoulder blade range of movement.

Great for activation before a shoulder work out or general exercise routine.

Banded Push ups

This is a great version of a normal push up. Using a band to complete the push up really works on shoulder stability as well as strength.

Try not to bounce too much at the top of the move. If you need to modify this exercise you can raise the height of the band or complete the exercise from your knees.

Body Weight Row

This is a nice exercise to couple with the banded push ups or to complete on its own.

Increase the difficulty by lower the bar or raising your feet. Try to keep your hips level and core solid throughout the move. 

No hip drop!

Behind the neck press

A nice shoulder strengthening exercise - behind the neck press.

Start by using a dowel or light bar, try to avoid rib flaring (and hitting yourself in the head with the bar!!)

HandStand Push-ups

Hand stand push ups are a great shoulder strengthening exercise. 

Using a half foam roller as a safety barrier when first starting is advisable.

Can be modified by concentrating on the lowering part of the move first. This is done by lowering onto the roller under control, kicking back down into standing and then repeating.

Toe to Bar

A good workout for your abs and shoulders with the toe to bar exercise. 

Make sure your fully warmed up first and using an over hand grip bring your legs up towards the bar whilst pushing back slightly with your shoulders.

Hip mobility

So please ignore my ridiculously tight hips (I'm working on it). 

Here are a couple of great stretches for opening up the hips and increasing mobility for squats, lunges, climbing, high stepping, and speed work.

Jefferson Curls

This is one of my favourite exercises for the lower back

Start off with a dowel and roll down, leading with the crown of the head, rolling through the spine until your hands reach beyond your feet (a cheeky little knee bend is okay)

Come back up, roll through the lower back, ensuring you tuck the tail bone and engage the abs, letting your head be the last thing to come up

Avoid flattening your back at any point

Once you're happy with the move and under supervision start to add some light weight

Slackline Fun

Lewis (one of the Pt's at our Berkhamsted clinic) having a bit of fun on our Slackline.

Slackline work is great for working on balance, stability and strength.

Sessions can be booked by contacting us at

Slackline planking

Lewis giving Slackline planking a good go at our Berkhamsted clinic.

Its pretty hard but if you fancy having a go then book a slackline session with us at

Slackline reversing

Lewis having a go at walking backwards on the slackline. He nailed it a few attempts after this video was shot.

Fancy a go? Give us a shout and we can book a session in for you at our Berkhamsted or Harrow on the Hill clinics!